23 May 2019
Oil and gas technique
Specials MoIA and DoD

Well capital repair units

It is intended for the development and repair (including capital repair) of the oil and gas wells up to 3000 m deep, located as a well cluster or separately. It allows doing drilling jobs 1600 m deep. he load-carrying capacity of 80 tons allows liquidating emergency situations at repairing wells doing without units of higher capacity >> Read more Well development and repair unit AK-60
It is intended for performing technological and repair-and-renewal operations at oil, gas and gaseous condensate wells without killing them using a steel long-length flush-joint pipe. It can perform such operations as abandonment of wax sediment, hydrate and sand blocks; processing the bottomhole formation zone; doing geophysical >> Read more Well underground and capital repair unit УРАН-20.1 (coiled tubing unit)
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