23 May 2019
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Ltd "PVK" KB Pozhspetsmash" until 1990 - Special Design Bureau of fire engines number 8, was established in 1950 in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR by the Council of Ministers on 25 August 1949 number 2716 109000

Ltd "PVK" KB Pozhspetsmash" Pryluky (formerly EDO fire trucks) in the USSR was head of the design organization in the industry fire engineering and specialized in the creation of:

  • Firefighters extinguish a car;
  • Special fire trucks;
  • Fire engines for different purposes based on the tracked chassis;
  • Fire pumps and fire-technical equipment.

Experimental Design Bureau of fire engines in the Soviet Union defined the technical policy in the field of fire protection engineering. Today, thanks to conservation of scientific, technical and industrial potential, highly professional KB "Pozhspetsmash" acts as both the developer of fire trucks and special equipment. Having our own production makes it possible to fabricate and test a prototype technology, and to carry out their mass production and subsequent service.

In the period 2001-2012 years KB "Pozhspetsmash" in close cooperation with "BILTIM" developed and implemented in the production of more than 40 types of new models of fire fighters and special machines. Virtually created a new set of fire trucks and special equipment that allows to extinguish all types of fires in different sectors of the economy of Ukraine.

By fire trucks meet international technical standards and its technical characteristics are not inferior to foreign analogues, winning with a price.

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Experience over the last few years of experience, and increased scientific and technological capabilities have allowed a range of special equipment, working in oil and gas wells during drilling and production, and to successfully master the production of a wide range of oil and gas equipment.

KB "Pozhspetsmash" has repeatedly been awarded prizes and awards in the field of science and technology. The production is certified to ISO9001-2001.

The team KB "Pozhspetsmash" enthusiastic about the future and I am confident that our knowledge and industry experience will create the most attractive products for customers.

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