23 May 2019
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Special car - Wells Laboratory LS-6

09.10.2017 - 01:11:59

LS-6 on KrAZ-5233NE chassis is the first analog of imported special equipment that was created due to close cooperation between KrAZ, Biltim and the company PVK KB Pozhsetsmash, a Ukrainian manufacturer of fire and oilfield equipment. It is superfluous to say that the KrAZ base is suitable for adapting various special equipment: the margin of the frame, the high permeability of the machine and the unification of the model range just give KrAZ among the competitors. It is necessary to pay tribute to the company "PVK" KB Pozhspetsmash ", which managed to realize all the boldest expectations of the oil industry in one complete specialty, installing and adapting complex attachments, including a mechanical winch installed in the laboratory.
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