23 May 2019
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24.05.2017 - 12:58:41

Once again, we are pleased with the customer of the delivered tanker of the fire AC-40(5233NE) -268.02.
The tanker is intended for delivery to the place of fire of the combat calculation, fire-technical equipment, the supply of water from the tank to the fire, as well as air-mechanical foam using the exported foam generator or its fence from the foreign capacity.
The tanker truck is based on the KrAZ-5233NE chassis (wheel arrangement 4x4). For combat calculation, a seven-seater comfortable four-door cab is equipped.
To extinguish the fire on the tanker there is a stock of fire-extinguishing substances: water 4500 liters and foaming agent 400 liters. Quenching with water (foam solution) is carried out with the help of hand trunks or a portable mantle. A stock of fire hoses makes it possible to extinguish a fire at a considerable distance from the tanker.
A reliable and easy-to-use fire pump, complete with a self-contained semi-automatic vacuum pump, provides a head of 100 meters per second.
Body compartments allow compactly to function in a functional manner fire-technical and special equipment.
AC provides reliability and efficiency of operation and is designed for operation in climatic conditions at ambient temperature from -40 0С to +40 0С, climatic version В, allocation category 1 (for outdoor use), suitable for operation in an atmosphere of types 1 and 2 (Conditionally clean and industrial) according to GOST 15150.
The pump compartment in the AC has an additional independent air heater running on a single fuel from the chassis and controlled from the driver's cab and serves to heat the pump with water-foam communications, the rear end of the tank with foam foam in the cold season.
The use of curtain doors provides easier access to equipment and does not increase the size of the tanker (with the door open).
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