23 May 2019
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Oil and gas technique
Specials MoIA and DoD
Special car - Wells Laboratory LS-6 09.10.2017

LS-6 on KrAZ-5233NE chassis is the first analog of imported special equipment that was created due to close cooperation between KrAZ, Biltim and the company PVK KB Pozhsetsmash, a Ukrainian manufacturer of fire and oilfield...

Special car - Well testing laboratory LSG-10 09.10.2017

LLC "BILTIM" together with LLC "PVK" CB Pozhspetsmash "and PJSC" AvtoKrAZ "delivered a batch of special cars: a laboratory for the exploration of wells of LSG-10 on the chassis of KrAZ-5233NE.Special equipment is made according...

AC-40(5233NE)-268.02 24.05.2017

 Once again, we are pleased with the customer of the delivered tanker of the fire AC-40(5233NE) -268.02.The tanker is intended for delivery to the place of fire of the combat calculation, fire-technical equipment, the supply...

Customer supplied Plants for acidic well treatment on all-wheel drive chassis KrAZ-63221 27.07.2016

 The customer has supplied the units for acid treatment of wells on the all-wheel drive chassis KrAZ-63221.

Customer delivered another batch of УНП-160х40 29.03.2016

 The customer is delivered the next batch of UNP-160x40.

Pozhspetsmash put 5 Fire Truck AЦ-60 (5233НE) -268.02 to customer 29.10.2015

 Pozhspetsmash put 5 Fire Truck AС-60 (5233NE)-268.02 to customer

22-23 апреля 2015 г. НА ЮЖНО-УКРАИНСКОЙ АЭС ПРОШЛА ПРОТИВОАВАРИЙНАЯ ТРЕНИРОВКА с применением НРС-110 27.04.2015

22-23 апреля 2015 года на Южно-Украинской АЭС прошла совместная с Дирекцией ГП «НАЭК «Энергоатом» плановая...

Periodic tests are completed and sent to the customer Cementing hydraulic fracturing units ACF-700 30.03.2015

  Periodic tests are completed and sent to the customer Cementing hydraulic fracturing units ACF-700

Проведены испытания каротажных подъемников ПКС-3,5 на шасси КрАЗ-63221 30.03.2015

Проведены испытания новой модели каротажныж подъемников ПКС-3,5 на шасси КрАЗ-63221.

Information about the creation of a special vehicle 16.01.2014

In Ukraine, water-jet vehicles showed interest after the events of 1991. The first time they were replaced by heavy fire on the tanker drive chassis ZIL-131-375 and the Urals. Since most fire trucks are fire monitors, their use...

Negotiations conduction in Turkmenistan 08.01.2014

Negotiations consisting of Ukrainian-Turkmen Intergovernmental Commission, as to the extension cooperation in scientific and technical field, have been conducted. 

17th International Forum "NAFTA TA GAZ 2013." 19.11.2013

October 22-24, Kyiv hosted the 17th International Forum "NAFTA TA GAZ  2013." This year, more than 140 companies from 17 countries - Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Canada, China, Poland, Russia , Romania, Ukraine and...


Our cooperation with New Impulse Technologies company 07.11.2013

Our cooperation with company New Impulse Technologies today is directed to the development of fire fighting equipment for extimguishing of oil and gas wells.

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